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Spotlight: In A Study of Cops’ Facebook Accounts, 1 in 5 Had Posted Racist, Violent Content

On Saturday, Injustice Watch and BuzzFeed News published an investigation into racist and violent social media posts by current and retired police officers. The article by Emily Hoerner and Rick Tulsky came out of a collaboration with the Plain View Project, which examined the Facebook accounts of police officers from eight departments across the county. The Plain View Project looked […]

The next frontier of discriminatory sentencing

Implicit bias in the criminal justice system is a very hot topic these days, as it should be in a system where unjustified racial disparities persist. This past April, my co-authors and I published an article, Judging Implicit Bias: A National Empirical Study Of Judicial Stereotypes, which looks at implicit bias in sentencing by federal and […]

Like racist police, racist policies need to go

Like Vida B. Johnson, I was outraged at the t-shirt worn by a Metropolitan Police Department officer that glorified the use of “jump-out cars” and contained a common white supremacist symbol. Police and political leadership should actively identify and root out white supremacists from police departments throughout the country. At the same time, community leaders should examine […]

The Epidemic of White Supremacist Police

The Washington Post, the Root, and others have recently written about a District of Columbia police officer who was seen in D.C. Superior Court wearing a t-shirt with a white supremacist symbol and the grim reaper holding a rifle and police badge. Under the ugly image of death is the caption “let me see that waistband […]