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The Point

Cities Should Push For Zero-Fare Transit

Public transportation is a critical lifeline—it’s how people get to their jobs, doctors, food, and education. Cities should work to make it accessible and available to everyone, and the federal government must support those efforts.

California Must Hold Prosecutors’ Group Accountable

In the wake of The San Francisco Chronicle’s revelation that the California District Attorneys Association has misspent $2.88 million in restricted funds, State Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager has called for investigations and hearings into the matter. Other officials must join this demand for accountability.

Irresponsible Journalism Fuels Mass Incarceration

The Point Irresponsible journalism, including at some of the most respected news outlets in the country, has fueled mass incarceration. It’s time to call out these journalists—the ones who routinely fearmonger, mislead, and act as stenographers for law enforcement. We all need to hold journalists responsible for the harm they cause: We need to call […]

Judges Can Help Stop The Eviction Crisis

The Point: As many as 40 million people in America are at risk of losing their homes. Judges can play a critical role in stopping the ongoing eviction crisis.  Judges have the power to keep people in their homes:  Before a landlord can evict someone, they must go to court and ask a judge to […]

$2000 Checks—This Month And Every Month

The Point:  President Biden and the new Democrat-controlled Congress must provide real relief by sending every person in America a monthly $2,000 survival check until the pandemic ends.  One more check is not enough:  Instead of debating whether Americans were promised $1,400 or $2,000, Democrats should be focusing on getting recurring survival checks into the […]