$2000 Checks—This Month And Every Month

$2000 Checks—This Month And Every Month

The Point: 

President Biden and the new Democrat-controlled Congress must provide real relief by sending every person in America a monthly $2,000 survival check until the pandemic ends. 

One more check is not enough: 

Biden has a mandate to deliver relief at the scale of the crisis: 

  • The fight for a $2,000 survival check helped Democrats secure victory in the Georgia Senate run-offs, mobilizing and inspiring people to vote for a vision of a government that meets the basic needs of its people. 
  • Last week, in a full-page ad of The Washington Post, 34 mayors representing cities that are home to more than 16 million Americans called on President Biden to deliver recurring checks throughout the duration of the crisis.
  • 60% of U.S. voters support monthly cash payments. And even among Republican voters, more people support recurring $2,000 checks until the pandemic is over than oppose them.

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