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Local Co-Publications

The Appeal takes a multi-local approach to our journalism, covering issues that impact local communities and elevating experts and impacted individuals on the ground because the criminal legal system operates primarily at the local and state levels.

By co-publishing with local outlets to cover stories in their municipalities and working with incarcerated writers to report and reflect on how the criminal legal system affects individual lives, we help build capacity to cover public safety and justice issues while amplifying The Appeal’s work in affected communities. In 2023, we expanded our co-publishing network grew to 16 partnerships across the country.

This photo shows a banner that says "Viva Tortuguita"

Prosecutors Smearing Dead ‘Cop City’ Activist by Publicizing Their Diary, Organizers Say

Georgia police killed Manuel “Tortuguita” Terán on Jan. 18 as Terán was protesting against Cop City, the massive police training facility under construction in Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta. But, now that prosecutors have mass-charged activists in an unprecedented use of racketeering statutes, those close to the case say the state has sunk to new lows by entering Terán’s personal diary into public evidence against defendants.