Meg O'Connor

Meg O'Connor

Meg O’Connor is an award-winning Senior Reporter for The Appeal. She also runs our weekly newsletter.

Meg covers police, prosecutors, and the criminal legal system. She previously worked for the Phoenix New Times and the Miami New Times, where her work drew national scrutiny to local police departments and led to the firing of five officers who had committed egregious misconduct. On two occasions, her reporting has caused some of the biggest police departments in the country to change internal policies.

In Miami, Meg wrote a series of articles showing Miami police had failed to follow to a new law allowing officers to hand out tickets in lieu of arrest for minor marijuana possession. The series led Miami’s police chief to begin requiring his officers to issue tickets and won the Florida Press Association’s Claudia Ross Memorial Award for investigative reporting, the Association of Alternative Newsmedia’s David Carr Award for investigative reporting, and the Florida Press Club’s Lucy Morgan Award for in-depth reporting.


Articles by Meg O'Connor

What To Expect Now That Roe’s Been Overturned

Most abortion bans criminalize providers by making it a felony to perform an abortion. But experts say people who obtain abortions can and will be criminalized for their pregnancy outcomes — they already have been even while Roe was still in place.

51 Years In Prison For A Car Crash

Prosecutors wanted to make an example of Justin Dixon, who has been in an Arizona prison for 14 years, with 37 ahead of him. Now, as COVID-19 spreads in the facility where he’s being held, his family is desperate for him to be released.