Anna Simonton

Anna Simonton

Anna Simonton is an Editor and Development Coordinator for The Appeal.

She has spent nearly a decade carving out space for movement journalism in the media industry as a reporter, editor, and nonprofit builder. Anna helped grow Scalawag Magazine from a volunteer project into one of the leading voices on politics and culture in the U.S. South. She also co-founded and serves on the board of Press On, an organization dedicated to supporting Southern movement journalism. 

Anna worked with a wrongfully convicted teacher, Shani Robinson, to co-author an acclaimed book that shed new light on the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal, an infamous case in which Black educators were charged with RICO for allegedly changing answers on standardized tests.

Before stepping into her current role, Anna was the Senior Editor for The Appeal: Political Report, where she guided coverage of local elections and legislation shaping the criminal legal system.

Originally from Atlanta, she is now based in Minneapolis.

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