The Badge: Spotlight on Sheriffs

Sheriffs shape jail conditions and enjoy great policy discretion on matters ranging from immigration to solitary confinement, but their authority and decisions are often overlooked, which poses a challenge for change and accountability. Each edition of The Badge, a series on The Appeal: Political Report, will examine a facet of the powers and responsibilities of sheriffs.

Part 9. Sheriffs bear responsibility for the use of solitary confinement

Part 8. How sheriffs are extracting wealth from people in jails

Part 7. Sheriffs have power over whether people in jail can vote

Part 6. How sheriffs choose to help ICE in local jails

Part 5. Sheriff powers in a public health emergency

Part 4. Bail reform and pretrial detention

Part 3. Policing practices

Part 2. The opioid crisis

Part 1. Jail deaths