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Policing Is Not ‘Public Safety’

Harm Reduction Practice and Innovation in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in San Francisco

Voters Support Reforming Systems of Incarceration, Probation, and Parole in the United States

Gunnigle Leads Maricopa County Attorney Race As Voters Trust Her On Priority Reforms

Sample legislation on Probation

Majority of Maricopa County Voters Don’t Support Prosecuting or Criminalizing Marijuana Possession

Texas Voters Support Community-Based Investments in Public Safety as an Alternative to Policing

Bipartisan Majority of Maricopa County Voters Want Prosecutor Candidates to Not Criminalize Abortion

We Can’t Be Free Until We Fully Abolish Slavery

Sexual Assault Victims Want Services Tailored to Their Needs

How Cities Can Protect Public Health When States Stand In the Way

Voter Support for Federal Marijuana Reform Remains Strong

Racism is a Public Health Crisis

From Crisis Response to Harm Prevention: The Role of Integrated Service Facilities

The Case for Comprehensive Marijuana Reform – Policies & Public Opinion

The Congressional Progressive Caucus’s Department of Defense Priorities Are Popular With Voters

Ten Ways to Reduce Our Reliance on policing and Make Our Communities Safer for Everyone

The Case for Racism Response Funds – A Collective Response to Racist Acts

The Case for Overdose Prevention Programs in California – Policies & Polling

A Majority of Voters Support An End to Extreme Sentences for Children

No Excuses: Governors Must Pursue Decarceration Along with Investments in Reentry Services

Helping People Transition from Incarceration to Society During a Pandemic

The Role of Overdose Prevention Sites in Coronavirus Response

The Case For Universal Healthcare During A Pandemic

Rep. Rashida Tlaib: The Case For An Emergency Responder Corps

Protecting Rural Jails From Coronavirus

Report: Emergency Action Plan

California’s Sheriffs Must Do More to Save Their Communities From the Ravages of Coronavirus

California Prosecutors Must Do More To Protect Their Communities From COVID-19: Policies and Polling

When Every Sentence is a Possible Death Sentence: Public Defenders Speak From the Front Lines About COVID-19

Governors Must Use Clemency Powers to Slow the Pandemic

California Voters Support Releasing People from Jails and Prisons to Protect Communities from COVID-19

To Protect Our Children and Fight the Coronavirus, Release Youth from Juvenile Detention

Coronavirus and America’s Immigrant Detention Crisis

Local Officials Should Quickly Reduce Jail Populations to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus

Fighting the Coronavirus with Decarceration

Reducing Excessive Prison Terms