Report: Emergency Action Plan

Data for Progress & The Justice Collaborative Institute

Executive Summary

Forced in this moment to reflect on this new reality—and this new recognition of our shared vulnerability—the vast majority of Americans believe that many of our responses to this crisis have, so far, been woefully inadequate and left too many people behind. Indeed, while the virus poses a threat to us all, we have seen how our fractured society has left some more exposed than others, with people of color, and especially Black Americans, disproportionately afflicted.

Inspired and informed by those who most directly experience the current inadequacies of our circumstances, the Emergency Action Plan is a first step toward protecting all of us in the midst of our shared vulnerability—starting with the most vulnerable among us.

We must:

  • Keep Our Communities Safe
  • Guarantee Housing For All
  • Build A Care Economy 
  • Make Every Vote Matter
Report: Emergency Action Plan