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Policing Is Not ‘Public Safety’

How the Supreme Court Has Turned False Narratives on Policing into More Police Power

Voters Support Reforming Systems of Incarceration, Probation, and Parole in the United States

Maricopa County Voters Want Top Prosecutor To Hold Police Accountable

Texas Voters Support Community-Based Investments in Public Safety as an Alternative to Policing

Developing a Community-Based Emergency First Responders (EFR) Program

Voters Support Federal Grants for Community Based Emergency and Non-Emergency Crisis Response

How to Demilitarize the Police

The Dangers of Police-Created Crime

Prosecutors Should Not Take Money From Police Unions

A Path to Non-Police Enforcement of Civil Traffic Violations

Reforming Police Union Contracts and Law Enforcement Officer Bills of Rights

From Civilian Input to Civilian Control – The Principles of Effective Police Oversight

The Case for Banning Law Enforcement From Using Facial Recognition Technology

Voters Support Local Government Providing Public Safety Information — Independent of Police Department PR

Voters Support Requiring Federal Law Enforcement to Identify Themselves

The Public Favors Supporting Students, Not Policing Them

Ten Ways to Reduce Our Reliance on policing and Make Our Communities Safer for Everyone

The Case for Racism Response Funds – A Collective Response to Racist Acts

Police Misconduct Records Should Be Public – Policies & Polling

A Majority of Voters Support An End to Extreme Sentences for Children

Replacing School Police with Targeted Student Resources

People in Crisis Need Social Workers, Not Cops

The Case Against Qualified Immunity: Policy & Polling

Building Community-Based Emergency Response System

The Case for Violence Interruption Programs as an Alternative to Policing

End No-Knock Raids

Chicago Police Torture: Explained

Qualified Immunity: Explained

The Power of Sheriffs: Explained

Charging “Dealers” With Homicide: Explained

Capital Punishment in the United States

How Fines and Fees Criminalize Poverty: Explained

The Shadowy World of Jailhouse Informants: Explained

The Criminalization of Homelessness: Explained

Bail Reform: Explained

The Epidemic of Brady Violations: Explained