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Nick Wing

Nick Wing is an Editor and leads social media for The Appeal.

He was previously a senior reporter at HuffPost, where he spent nearly a decade reporting on an array of topics involving criminal justice. He’s written about drug informants, race and policing, mass incarceration, and the bail reform movement.

Nick received his bachelor’s degree from Colorado College.

Photo illustration of raised fists

Lots to be thankful for. Plus a reality check.

The Appeal team has a lot to be thankful for this year, including the fact that we can spend time with our families again. We know not everyone is as fortunate, and we’re thinking of community members, especially those behind bars, who can’t be with their loved ones.  In the midst of Thanksgiving travel and […]

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Police Threats Over Vaccine Mandates Are Proving Empty

If you missed it last week, we’ve officially kicked off our year-end fundraising campaign through NewsMatch, an industry-wide program to sustain journalism through matching gifts on the local and national level. Through Dec. 31, NewsMatch will match your new monthly donation (at 12 times the value), or double your one-time gift, all up to $1,000. […]