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The Case for the Financial Transaction Tax in 2021

For years, Wall Street has been increasingly out of touch and billionaires have not helped the millions of Americans in dire need. To start, Congress should immediately pass the Wall Street Tax Act, which would tax the sort of high-speed trading that has turned the financial sector into a casino at the expense of our communities.

Sample legislation on Probation

BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON PROBATION Introduction This nation’s probation system was devised as an alternative to incarceration that permitted convicted individuals to remain in their communities while participating in rehabilitative interventions. By addressing the root causes of crime, targeted interventions were able to keep individuals out of jail on two fronts—by avoiding incarceration initially and reducing […]


Developing a Community-Based Emergency First Responders (EFR) Program

BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON CIVILIAN EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONDERS Introduction In the best of times, local communities struggle to meet the health needs of highly vulnerable people, including those who struggle with mental health or substance use disorder, poverty, or housing insecurity, or otherwise lack access to traditional health care resources. Because most communities do not have […]