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Police accountability

Reviewing the 2018 Results: What Accountability Was There Through the Polls?

Daniel Nichanian This year, voters ousted many law enforcement officials who faced public protests over their actions if not allegations of outright misconduct. In August, St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch lost in his first contested election since the Ferguson protests of 2014. On Tuesday, voters ousted two other public officials who drew fire for their handling […]

Nashville Considers an Independent Police Oversight Board

This article is part of our series previewing 2018 local elections.  In the wake of a Nashville police officer shooting and killing Jocques Clemmons, a Black man who was running away, community groups have put a referendum on the November ballot to create an independent board empowered to investigate police misconduct. Clemmons’s mother led the […]

Ted Cruz & Beto O'Rourke debate policing practices: Sept. 21, 2018

Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Beto O’Rourke debate on September 21st featured a lengthy exchange on policing and protests. Watch the relevant footage–or read our transcript below.   Transcript Gromer Jeffers: Senator Cruz, this question is for you. This month in Dallas officer Amber Guyger shot Botham John, a Black man, in his own apartment. […]