Explore Criminal Justice on the 2019 Ballot

The 2019 elections are upon us. Many voters will choose their next prosecutor, sheriff, governor, or attorney general⁠ in November. These offices set the policies that shape incarceration rates, the criminal legal system, cooperation with ICE, and much more.

We covered these elections throughout the year with previews, analyses, and interviews. Now you can use our interactive tool, below, to track the criminal justice battlegrounds. These elections are concentrated in about ten states, which is far less than in 2018 , and than in 2020. Still, they feature important contrasts for the local politics of criminal justice reform and mass incarceration.

Some elections have already been resolved in primaries; many will be in November. We will continue to add to the map in the weeks ahead.

Key races: Prosecutor   Sheriff   Referendum   Governor   Att. Gen.  

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This map is not exhaustive. There are approximately 500 counties holding elections for sheriff and prosecutor this year. The full list is available here.


Prince William County, Virginia