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Hannah Riley

Hannah Riley is an Atlanta-based organizer and freelance writer who serves as the Director of Programming at the Center for Just Journalism. Hannah has extensive experience working at the intersection of media and the criminal legal system, having spent over a decade in communications roles at public interest law offices. She writes primarily about the harms of policing and prisons. Her work has been featured in The Nation, Slate, Teen Vogue, Inquest, and more. Most recently, she was the Communications Director for the Southern Center for Human RIghts. She was a 2021 New Leaders Council Fellow.

A fully masked, anonymous person in cold weather holds a sign that says "defend the Atlanta forest" in an anti Cop City protest.

The Mass ‘Cop City’ Arraignments Were an Absurd Circus

Georgia prosecutors have launched a first-of-its-kind racketeering case against 61 people, ranging from visitors arrested at a music festival to bail fund organizers. The mass-arraignment on November 6 showed just how much of an insane, unconscionable mess the case really is.