Appeal Distribution Guidelines

We welcome any outlet to republish our articles in their entirety, for free, while adhering to the guidelines below:

  1. Give The Appeal credit for the piece you republish, in this format: “By [Author Name], The Appeal”
  2. If you publish online, link to the original story you are republishing from in the first paragraph of your story.
  3. You cannot modify the text of the original story, but you can add additional reporting, comment, color, social media, etc. If you do make those additional changes, you need to note it in the piece: “Additional reporting by [Name Of Your Outlet].”
  4. At the bottom of the republished story after the story copy, add this line and a link to The Appeal “The Appeal is a non-profit media organization that produces news and commentary on how policy, politics, and the legal system affect America’s most vulnerable people.”
  5. If you do republish an article of ours, please let us know, email: 
  6. If you do republish an article of ours, please share with us the views data for the story on your platform. Email with that data.
  7. If our full story doesn’t fit the needs of your organization, there is a second option - you can republish just the nut graph and context sections (without the rest of the story) and incorporate those sections, unmodified, with your own reporting and writing. Email if you’re interested in that option.