The Count

Mobilizing Against Trump’s Assault On Democracy

Maurice Mitchell of Working Families Party talks unified resistance in the face of authoritarian threats, Jason Ganz of Data for Progress reviews recent polling revealing that even Republican voters believe Trump will try to steal the election, and hosts Emily Galvin-Almanza and Alana Sivin break down Trump’s plan to steal the election, according to one of the president’s most loyal propagandists – Steve Bannon.

Resisting Trump’s Play For Absolute Power

We’ve covered the institutional vulnerabilities that Trump and the GOP can exploit to steal the election. But what about the power of civil resistance? Organizers and co-authors of “Hold the Line: A Guide to Defending Democracy,” Hardy Merriman and Kifah Shah join The Count today to explain why all of us have the power to save us by organizing our communities starting…yesterday.

How to Stop Trump from Stealing the Election

This is not a normal year, and these are not normal circumstances. This November, election night is not the season finale. Pending a landslide loss, Trump and GOP may falsely claim victory and characterize any evidence of a shift as fraud. So what can be done to make sure that Trump and his Republican enablers aren’t able to pull off a stolen election? Today, Zack Malitz and Becky Bond, co-founders of The Real Justice PAC and partners at The Social Practice, join the show to provide some answers.

Would The Supreme Court Let Trump Steal The Election?

Jay Willis, Senior Contributor at The Appeal, joins The Count to talk about the legacy of the Supreme Court’s role in the 2000 election, the most shocking moments so far in this week’s confirmation hearing of Trump’s nomination Amy Coney Barrett, and what steps – or not – SCOTUS may take as the election unfolds.

How Republicans Are Enabling Trump’s Election Theft

We’re already seeing terrifying examples of election theft tactics at work. Today on The Count: Brandon Evans, political director of Real Justice PAC, joins to talk about what’s really going on in the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania, Jason Ganz of Data for Progress walks us through polling that reveals a majority of likely Republican voters would trust a GOP-controlled legislature’s decision to send electors for Trump even if the state voted otherwise, and hosts Emily Galvin-Almanza and Alana Sivin walk through some of the most alarming election news of the week.

Trump’s Play For Absolute Power

Amherst College law professor Lawrence Douglas, author of Will He Go?, joins the show to discuss Trump’s plot to steal the election between Election Day and the inauguration.

Trump’s Plot To Steal The Election

How are Republicans working to throw the 2020 elections into chaos—and what can voters to do make sure their ballots are counted?

Inside Trump’s Plot To Steal The Election

Trump has made it clear that he and Republicans are trying to steal the election. Seriously. Believe him when he says it.