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Jon Hoadley: Running for Congress

Guest: Jon Hoadley.

Jon Hoadley joins The Briefing to discuss his challenge to Republican Fred Upton for a congressional seat in Michigan.

Francesca Hong: Running for State House

Guest: Francesca Hong.

Francesca Hong joins The Briefing to discuss her bid for a Wisconsin state Assembly seat.

Kara Eastman: Running for Congress

Guest: Kara Eastman.

Nebraska congressional candidate Kara Eastman joins The Briefing to discuss how she shaped her pitch to voters on the campaign trail.

How LA is Reimagining Public Safety

Guests: Sydney Kamlager, Eunisses Hernandez, Isaac Bryan.

In Los Angeles County, Measure J would move more than $100 million from the police budget to community programs. Our panel explains how it will work.

Jackie Fielder: Running for State Senate

Guest: Jackie Fielder.

California state Senate candidate Jackie Fielder joins The Briefing to discuss her first-time bid for elected office and what she plans to do if elected this fall.

Raquel Terán: Running for State Representative

Guest: Raquel Terán.

Arizona state Rep. Raquel Terán joins The Briefing to discuss how activism makes her a better politician, and what she plans to do with another term in office.

Why County Commissions Matter

Guests: Rodney Ellis, Holly Mitchell, Deedra Abboud.

Voters sometimes pay little attention to their county governments. We’ll discuss why that dynamic is changing quickly.

How Primary Challenges are Shaking up Minnesota Politics

Guests: Esther Agbaje, Kenza Hadj-Moussa, Athena Hollins, Cedrick Frazier.

Insurgent Democratic candidates for office join The Briefing to discuss what this movement means for the state’s future.

Tiara Mack: Running for State Senator

Guest: Tiara Mack.

Tiara Mack joins The Briefing to discuss her grassroots bid to become first Black LGBTQ state senator in Rhode Island’s history

Holding Cops Accountable in Phoenix

Guests: Julie Gunnigle, Viri Hernandez, Carlos Garcia, Lola N’sangou.

Police in Maricopa County have a long history of killing people without facing criminal consequences. What will it take to turn that dynamic around?

Portland Mayoral Forum

Guests: Mayor Ted Wheeler, Sarah Iannarone.

Mayor Ted Wheeler and candidate Sarah Iannarone join The Appeal for a candidate forum in the heated mayoral runoff election in Portland, Oregon.

Esther Agbaje: Running for State Representative

Guest: Esther Agbaje.

On The Briefing, Esther Agbaje joins to discuss her bid to represent her Minneapolis district in the Minnesota state House this fall.

Why City Councils Matter

Guests: Michelle Wu, Mary Lupien, Rigel Robinson, Nithya Raman.

With gridlock reigning in Washington, what can city councils do to pick up the slack? Our panel on The Briefing explains why local government is more important than ever.

Which States Will Legalize Marijuana in November?

Guests: Julie Gunnigle, Jared Keenan, Kevin Heade.

Arizona voters will have the chance to legalize marijuana this fall. Our panel breaks down how the state’s reform movement took shape.

Anna Tovar: Running for Corporation Commissioner

Guest: Anna Tovar.

Anna Tovar, running for Corporation Commissioner in Arizona, joins The Briefing to discuss the office’s critical role in the state’s energy future.

How Prosecutors Can Protect Reproductive Choice

Guests: Julie Gunnigle, Meg O’Connor, Lola Bovell, Rep. Athena Salman.

What role do local prosecutors have in protecting reproductive choice? The Briefing discusses what DAs can do if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Mike Siegel: Running for Congress

Guest: Mike Siegel.

Today on The Briefing, Mike Siegel joins to discuss his bid to flip Texas’s 10th congressional district this fall.

Athena Hollins: Running for State Representative

Guest: Athena Hollins.

Minnesota state House candidate Athena Hollins joins The Briefing to discuss why she decided to challenge an incumbent Democrat, and what she plans to do if elected this fall.

Brandy Chambers: Running for State Representative

Guest: Brandy Chambers.

Texas state House candidate Brandy Chambers joins The Briefing discuss her bid to flip a Republican-held legislative district.

Eliseo Santana: Running for Sheriff

Guest: Eliseo Santana.

Pinellas County Sheriff candidate Eliseo Santana joins The Briefing to talk about his bid to become the Florida county’s top law enforcement official.

Chrysta Castañeda: Running for Railroad Commissioner

Guest: Chrysta Castañeda.

Chrysta Castañeda joins The Briefing to discuss her run for Texas Railroad Commissioner—and why that job is so important in the first place.

Celina Montoya: Running for State Representative

Guest: Celina Montoya.

Celina Montoya joins The Briefing today to discuss her bid to flip a seat in the Texas state House this fall.

Vikki Goodwin: Running for State Representative

Guest: Vikki Goodwin.

Texas state Rep. Vikki Goodwin joins The Briefing to discuss her re-election campaign and her agenda for second term.

Julie Oliver: Running for Congress

Guest: Julie Oliver.

Texas congressional hopeful Julie Oliver joins The Briefing to discuss her tight race to represent the state’s 25th District in Washington.

Lorenzo Sanchez: Running for State Representative

Guest: Lorenzo Sanchez.

Lorenzo Sanchez joins The Briefing to discuss his bid to flip a Dallas-area purple district in the Texas state House.

California’s Latest Fight to Expand Voting Rights

Guests: Kevin McCarty, Taina Vargas-Edmond, Michael Mendoza, Kira Lerner.

A ballot measure this fall could restore the voting rights of some 55,000 Californians on parole. The Briefing discusses what this could mean for the future of state politics.

Ending Legalized Slavery In U.S. Prisons

Guests: Sen. Jeff Merkley, Michele Goodwin.

The 13th Amendment outlawed slavery in the U.S.—except as a punishment for crime. Sen. Jeff Merkley and Prof. Michele Goodwin join The Briefing to discuss ending prison labor for good.

Deedra Abboud: Running for Supervisor

Guest: Deedra Abboud.

Deedra Abboud joins The Briefing to discuss her bid for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and her agenda for Phoenix’s future.

How Cities Can Stop Wage Theft

Guests: Rob Dorans, Nicole Hallett.

Every year, employers steal an estimated $15 billion from minimum-wage workers. We discuss how policymakers are fighting back against wage theft.

Nithya Raman: Running for City Council

Guest: Nithya Raman.

LA City Council candidate Nithya Raman joins The Briefing to discuss her agenda for housing, public safety, and a Green New Deal for Los Angeles.

Holly Mitchell: Running for Supervisor

Guest: Holly Mitchell.

California state Senator Holly Mitchell joins The Briefing to discuss why she’s running for LA County Board of Supervisors this fall.

How the Mushroom Legalization Movement Took Off

Guests: Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, Dr. Mikhail Kogan.

Following in the steps of the cannabis legalization movement, many jurisdictions are working to decriminalize magic mushrooms, too. Our panel discusses how this movement took off.

Update: Overseeing the Sheriff in San Francisco

Guest: Shamann Walton.

How are San Francisco lawmakers ensuring that the sheriff keeps incarcerated people safe during COVID-19? Shamann Walton joins The Briefing for a quick update

How Cities Can Fight the Climate Crisis

Guests: Councilor Michelle Wu, Saya Ameli Hajebi.

The federal government can’t pass climate change legislation. Can cities help fill in this gap? Boston City Councillor Michelle Wu joins The Briefing to discuss.

How to Make Child Care Universal

Guests: Rep. DeLauro, Nancy Harvey, Assembymember Monique Limon.

COVID-19 has exposed America’s crisis of inadequate childcare for working families. Rep. Rosa DeLauro joins The Briefing to discuss how lawmakers can fix it.

Carroll Fife: Running for City Council

Guest: Carroll Fife.

A longtime housing organizer in Oakland, Carroll Fife is running for city council this fall. She joins The Briefing to discuss her agenda for making the Bay Area a more inclusive, affordable place.

Mondaire Jones, U.S House New York District 17

Guest: Mondaire Jones.

New York congressional candidate Mondaire Jones joins The Briefing to discuss Supreme Court expansion, police reform, and the state’s surging progressive politics.

How Primary Challenges are Shaking up Democratic Politics

Guests: Zohran Kwame Mamdani, Omar Fateh, Mauree Turner.

Across the country, incumbent Democrats are losing primary elections to challengers from the left. Three challengers discuss their work for progressive causes, and how they fit into the party going forward.

Update: Florida’s New Anti-Protest Laws

Guest: Anna Eskamani.

Republicans in Florida are pushing a set of harsh laws designed to punish people for protesting police brutality. State Rep. Anna Eskamani joins The Briefing with a quick update on how lawmakers can protect Floridians’ First Amendment rights.

Tarra Simmons: Running for State Representative

Guest: Tarra Simmons.

On The Briefing, Tarra Simmons joins to discuss how her experience as a formerly incarcerated person informs her activism—and prompted her to run for state legislature in Washington.

George Gascón: Running for District Attorney

Guest: George Gascón.

Los Angeles County DA candidate George Gascón joins The Briefing to discuss policing, public safety, criminal justice reform, and his agenda for Los Angeles.

How SCOTUS Enables Voter Suppression

Guests: Dwight Bullard, Leah Litman, Jay Willis.

How will the Supreme Court’s history of enabling voter suppression affect the 2020 election? Dwight Bullard, Leah Litman, and Jay Willis join The Briefing to discuss.

Update: Non-Police Emergency First Responders in Chicago

Guest: Rossana Rodriguez.

Chicago Alder Rossana Rodriguez joins The Briefing for a quick update on the city’s efforts to create a non-police 911 responder agency.

Beth Doglio: Running for Congress

Guest: Beth Doglio.

Organizer and Washington congressional candidate Beth Doglio joins The Briefing to discuss the Green New Deal and the role activists can play in Congress.

Shemia Fagan: Running for Secretary of State

Guest: Shemia Fagan.

Oregon secretary of state candidate Shemia Fagan joins The Briefing to discuss why she decided to jump in the race this year—and what she hopes to accomplish if elected.

Building Grassroots Power in Congress

Guests: Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush.

A new generation of politicians is using grassroots power to win elections. But what happens when they get to DC? Rep. Rashida Tlaib joins Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush on The Briefing to discuss.

How Climate Change Became Partisan

Guests: Sen. Ed Markey, Leah Stokes.

Americans want the government to do more to address climate change. So why are Republicans so opposed to it, and what will it take to break through this partisan logjam? Sen. Ed Markey and Prof. Leah Stokes join The Briefing to discuss.

Bail Update: Vermont DA Sarah Fair George Halts Requests for Money Bail

Guest: Sarah Fair George.

In Vermont’s most populous county, State’s Attorney Sarah Fair George has pledged to end the use of cash bail. She now joins The Briefing for a quick progress report—and a discussion of what comes next.

Our Future on the Ballot

Guest: Marie Newman.

Illinois congressional candidate Marie Newman joins The Briefing for a 1:1 conversation on why she’s running for office, and what’s first on the agenda when she gets there.

Overhauling New Orleans’s Court System

Guests: Derwyn Bunton, Angel Harris, Meg Garvey, Steve Singer.

A slate of judicial candidates in New Orleans has pledged to overhaul the city’s justice system. They join The Briefing to discuss what their agenda looks like.

UPDATE: California’s Racial Justice Act

Guest: Assemblymember Ash Kalra.

The California legislature has passed a bill to prohibit race discrimination in the state’s courtrooms. Assemblymember Ash Kalra joins The Briefing for an update on where the proposal goes next.

What Public Defenders Need to Ensure Equal Access to Justice

Guests: Stephanie Lynch, Jon Rapping, Derwyn Bunton, Raj Jayadev.

Public defense is rarely funded at the same level as prosecution, putting clients at a built-in disadvantage. Our panel discusses ways to close this justice gap.

Can Congress Guarantee a Job for Every American

Guests: Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, Prof. Sandy Darity, Raúl Carrillo.

How would a federal jobs guarantee work, and what role can it play in helping the country recover from the COVID-19 economic crisis? Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman joins The Briefing to discuss.

How COVID-19 Has Exacerbated the Student Debt Crisis

Guests: State Rep. Leslie Herod, Sen. Steve Fenberg, Seth Frotman.

Millions of Americans were struggling with student debt before the COVID-19 economic crisis. Colorado state Sen. Steve Fenberg and state Rep. Leslie Herod join The Briefing discuss their efforts to provide relief.

Reimagining Safety in Oregon

Guests: Rep. Janelle Bynum, Bobbin Singh.

Oregon recently passed a sweeping police reform package, but already, law enforcement voices are pushing back. Our panel discusses the state’s efforts to keep people safe from police violence.

UPDATE: Minnesota’s Looming Eviction Cliff

Guest: Alice Hausman.

Communities are grappling with a looming evictions cliff as the economy struggles during COVID-19. On The Briefing, Minnesota state Rep. Alice Hausman stops by with an update on negotiations in her state.

Preventing Violence in Our Communities

Guests: Daniel Webster, Byron Sigcho Lopez.

Traditional law enforcement hasn’t proven capable of stopping gun violence. On The Briefing, we’re discussing what community-based alternatives to policing look like.

Why Prosecutors Are Forming a Progressive Association

Guests: Cristine Deberry, Diana Becton, Tori Salazar, George Gascon.

In nearly every state, prosecutors’ associations speak with one voice to oppose criminal justice reforms. On The Briefing, meet a coalition of California DAs who are trying to change that.

How the Eviction Crisis Threatens Voter Turnout

Guests: Rep. Ilhan Omar, Sen. Julia Salazar, Tara Raghuveer.

As millions of people prepare to vote by mail this fall, how will the evictions crisis affect turnout in the 2020 election. Rep. Ilhan Omar and State Senator Julia Salazar join The Briefing to discuss how lawmakers can preserve voting access.

What the Media is Getting Wrong About Public Safety in Austin

Guests: Greg Casar, Jessica Pishko, Joe Moody.

How do media narratives about “law and order” block reforms to the criminal legal system? On The Briefing, we’ll cover how journalists are covering recent police budget cuts in Austin—and what they’re getting wrong about it.

UPDATE: Evictions in Virginia Amid COVID-19

Guest: Ghazala Hashmi.

How are Virginia lawmakers responding to the COVID-19 evictions crisis? On The Briefing, state Sen. Ghazala Hashmi stops by with a quick update on their progress.

Rochester’s Response to the Police Killing of Daniel Prude

Guests: Mary Lupien, Danielle Ponder, Stanley Martin.
In Rochester, the mayor has fired the police chief in the wake of the police killing of Daniel Prude, and activists are calling for the mayor to resign, too. On The Briefing, we’ll discuss what the city might do next.

The Path to Cannabis Legalization in America

Guests: Cory Booker, Marilyn Mosby, Kassandra Frederique, Ayanna Pressley, Earl Blumenauer.

Many states have already taken steps to legalize marijuana. What will it take to get the federal government to do the same? Sen. Cory Booker and Reps. Ayanna Pressley and Earl Blumenauer join The Briefing to discuss.

UPDATE: Portland Facial Recognition Technology Ban

Guest: Jo Ann Hardesty.

Portland passed a sweeping ban of facial recognition technology, preventing police and businesses alike from using it. Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty joins The Briefing with an update on how this fits in with the city’s reform agenda.


Guest: Former Gov. Jerry Brown.

As California fights a wildfire crisis and the deadly coronavirus pandemic, former Gov. Jerry Brown joins The Briefing to discuss how the state’s elected officials can keep people safe.


Guest: State Rep. Athena Salman.

Nearly 2,500 incarcerated people in Arizona have tested positive for COVID-19. State Rep. Athena Salman has an update on how lawmakers are addressing this crisis.


Guest: State Rep. David Bowen.

How are Wisconsin lawmakers responding to calls for reform after the police shooting of Jacob Blake? State Rep. David Bowen has a quick update on The Briefing.


Guest: State Rep. Mary Isaacson.

Pennsylvania state Rep. Mary Isaacson joins to provide an update on what lawmakers doing to head off the state’s looming eviction cliff.


Guest: State Senator Robert Peters.

Illinois’s temporary ban on evictions during COVID-19 is currently set to expire this month. State Senator Robert Peters joins The Briefing with an update on lawmakers’ efforts to keep people safe.


Guests: Larry Krasner, Kim Gardner, Diana Becton, Stephanie Morales.

Across the country, a growing number of elected prosecutors are refusing endorsements and campaign contributions from local police unions. On The Briefing, a panel of DAs joins us to explain why.


Guests: Jode Prude, Mary Lupien, Elliot Dolby Shields, Stanley Martin.

In March, Rochester police knelt on the back of Daniel Prude, who is Black, until he stopped breathing. He died a week later. Daniel’s brother, Joe, joins The Briefing to discuss his family’s fight for justice.


Guest: Councilmember Mike Bonin.

The U.S. Postal Service has suspended mail delivery at Mar Vista Gardens, an L.A. public housing complex home to some 1,800 people. Councilmember Mike Bonin joins The Briefing for an update on the city’s response.


Guests: Chris Geidner, Juliet Hooker, Wesley Lowery, Aaron Morrison.

How is media coverage of the Kenosha protests affecting perceptions of police, protesters, and the future of the reform movement? Chris Geidner, Juliet Hooker, Wesley Lowery, and Aaron Morrison join to discuss.


Guest: Rep. Joaquin Castro.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee chair, Rep. Eliot Engel, lost his primary re-election bid in June. Rep. Joaquin Castro, who is seeking to replace Engel, joins a forum on The Briefing to discuss his vision for the role.


Guests: Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rianna Eckel.

Many Americans can’t afford to pay bills during the COVID-19 economic downturn. Rep. Rashida Tlaib joins The Briefing to talk about how Congress can stop water shutoffs and help people get back on their feet.


Guests: Sen. Chris Van Hollen, Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager, Cat Brooks.

What do non-police emergency response teams actually look like? Sen. Chris Van Hollen, Assemblymember Kamlager, and Cat Brooks join The Briefing to discuss.


Guest: Assemblymember David Chiu.

What are California lawmakers doing about the state’s eviction cliff? Assemblymember David Chiu joins for an update on the response to the crisis.


Guests: Sarah Seo, Quinton Zondervan, Rigel Robinson.

On The Briefing, our panel discusses whether heavily-armed police the right people to enforce traffic laws—and potential ways to make traffic enforcement safer for everyone.


Guests: Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Ro Khanna, Rep. Chuy Garcia.

During a pandemic, the USPS crisis could have profound implications for the 2020 election. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Ro Khanna, and Rep. Chuy Garcia discuss what Congress can do about it.


Guests: Greg Casar, Chas Moore, Chris Harris, Emily Gerrick.

The Austin City Council recently voted to cut $150 million from the police department’s budget. Politicians and activists will talk about what comes next—and whether that cut is enough.


Guest: Mary Lupien.

In the wake of nationwide protests demanding police budgets be slashed, the Rochester City Council will vote tomorrow to fund a $16 million new police substation. City Councilmember Mary Lupien joins Dispatches to discuss.


Guest: Byron Sigcho-Lopez.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is offering a punitive status quo be imposed on those arrested during recent protests. Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez joins Dispatches for an update on the city’s retrograde response and what the city should do create real public safety.


Guest: Lorena González.
Seattle City Council voted to begin changes to public safety services next year. City Council President
Lorena González joins Dispatches or an update on the city’s plans to move forward with defunding policing and investing in community services.


‪Guests: Brandon Johnson, Kevin Blumenberg.

In the wake of nationwide protests demanding police budgets be slashed, Cook County passed a resolution that supports diverting money from policing. Panelists join us to discuss the resolution and what it means moving forward‬.


Guests: Senator Cory Booker, Maurice BP-Weeks.

Racial wealth inequality is increasing and the government is failing to provide equitable relief in light of the pandemic. Senator Cory Booker discusses what legislation is out there that could start to turn the tide.


Guests: Rep. Gary M. Carter, Jr., Derwyn Bunton, Robert Jones, Lindsay Blouin.

The state’s public defenders face a budget crisis that COVID-19 is only making worse. Panelists discuss how the system can deliver the representation people need.


Guests: Rep. Chuy Garcia, Zephyr Teachout. 

As workers struggle, can lawmakers prevent giant corporations from taking advantage? Rep. Chuy Garcia and Zephyr Teachout discuss the Pandemic Anti-Monopoly Act.


Guest: State Senator Julia Salazar.

Millions of New Yorkers face an uncertain future when the evictions moratorium is set to expire in September. State Senator Julia Salazar joins for a quick update on how lawmakers are responding.


Guests: Bernadette Atuahene, Karen Weaver, Luke Bronin.

As the sagging economy drains budgets of tax revenue, cities are turning to strategies that shake down lower-income people. A panel discussion on how to put a stop to this.


Guests: Rep. Chuy Garcia, Debby Goldberg, Ajmel Quereshi.

The White House will roll back an Obama-era rule that promoted the construction of affordable housing. Rep. Chuy Garcia joins The Briefing to discuss how policymakers should respond.


Guest: State Senator Alessandra Biaggi.

The facility’s top doctor has called the COVID-19 outbreak there a “public health disaster.” On The Briefing, New York state senator Alessandra Biaggi has an update on policymakers’ response to the crisis.


Guests: Rep. Ro Khanna, Madeleine Greene.

As teachers get ready to resume instruction this fall in the middle of the pandemic, Rep. Ro Khanna and activist Madeleine Greene join The Briefing to discuss how policymakers can make it work.


Guests: Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, Maura Healey, Nicole Moore.

Rideshare drivers have few legal protections even in normal times. Our panel will discuss how policymakers and activists are working to fill in the gaps.


Guests: Stacey Abrams, Chiraag Bains, Emily Bazelon.

The pandemic is exacerbating conservative voter suppression efforts as the 2020 election approaches. Stacey Abrams discusses activists’ efforts to ensure everyone can cast a ballot.


Guest: Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager.

The state prison system recently eclipsed 8,000 total COVID-19 cases, with more than 1,000 in the last two weeks. Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager joins The Briefing for an update on the official response.


Guest: Yuh-Line Niou.

More than 100,000 people in American prisons and jails have been infected with COVID-19. New York assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou joins The Briefing for a quick update on outbreaks in the state’s facilities.


Guests: Jose Garza, Delia Garza, Annette Price, Adeola Ogunkeyede.

Two Democratic reform candidates for Travis County’s top prosecutor jobs join The Briefing to discuss the future of criminal justice in Travis County.


Guest: Jo Ann Hardesty.

Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty joins for an update on how local officials are responding to the Trump administration’s latest moves.


Guests: Senator Chris Murphy, Representative Ayanna Pressley, Nick Melvoin.

School resource officers are commonplace on campuses across the country. Senator Chris Murphy and Representative Ayanna Pressley discuss ways to change this status quo.


Guest: Representative Rashida Tlaib.

As Congress struggles to pass a new relief package, Representative Rashida Tlaib joins The Briefing for a quick update on the progress of negotiations.


Guest: Julian Ivey.

August rent is almost due, but the court-ordered eviction moratorium expired July 25. Delegate Julian Ivey discusses how lawmakers are working to keep people in their homes.


Guests: Shevrin Jones, Maya Ragsdale.

Over 5,000 incarcerated people in the state have tested positive for COVID-19. Lawmaker Shevrin Jones and attorney Maya Ragsdale join The Briefing to discuss how this happened.


Guest: County Commissioner Rodney Ellis.

Harris County commissioner Rodney Ellis joins The Briefing today for a quick update on the region’s pandemic response.


Guests: Brandon Coan, Barbara Sexton-Smith.

Three months after Louisville police killed Breonna Taylor during a no-knock raid, the city council banned those raids altogether. Two councilmembers join to discuss the city’s response.


Guest: State Senator Robert Peters.

State senator Robert Peters provides an update on how officials are responding to the Trump administration’s decision.


Guests: Leah Litman, Chris Geidner, Melissa Murray, Kate Shaw.

The co-hosts of Strict Scrutiny and Chris Geidner join to recap the justices’ latest term and offer predictions for the upcoming term.


Guest: Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager.

The state’s prisons are in the midst of a devastating COVID-19 outbreak—one that officials could have prevented. Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager has an update on the ongoing response.


Guest: State Senator Robert Peters.

How are officials in Chicago responding to the Trump administration’s deployment of federal agents? Illinois State Senator Robert Peters joins The Briefing to provide an update.


Guests: Representative Katie Porter, Matt Desmond, Maeve Elise Brown.

On The Briefing, Representative Katie Porter discusses how to address the segregation, discrimination, and inequality that are worsening during the pandemic.


Guest: Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager.

Assemblymember Kamlager has an update on the state’s efforts to keep incarcerated people safe and stop the outbreaks.


Guest: Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager.

California’s prison system has confirmed more than 1,300 new COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks. 39 incarcerated people have died since the pandemic began. Assemblymember Kamlager joins for a brief update on this emergency.


Guests: Representative Rashida Tlaib, Representative Bobby Rush, Neema Singh Guliani, Rob Williams.

Law enforcement officials are making more frequent use of facial recognition technology, but like many aspects of policing, this has a disproportionately harmful impact on nonwhite people. Representative Rashida Tlaib and Representative Bobby Rush join The Briefing to discuss.


Guests: Olivia Bennett, Michelle Wu, Dr. David Rosman.

Both the coronavirus pandemic and the police violence crisis have shown that racism in America is a real threat to public health. Michelle Wu and Olivia Bennett join to discuss how this affects what policymakers do.


Guests: Aramis Ayala, Chesa Boudin, Daniel Medwed, Jonathan Abel. 

Prosecutors often depend on the testimony of police to make their case. But what happens when an officer lies—and does it over and over again? San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin and Florida prosecutor Aramis Ayala join a panel to discuss.


Guests: Josh Levin, Anne Price, Rakeen Mabud, Aisha Nyandoro.

How do racist stereotypes and media portrayal affect public policy in America? Author Josh Levin joins a panel of experts to discuss the legacy of the “welfare queen” myth.


Guests: Melina Abdullah, Councilmember Herb Wesson, Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Councilmember Mike Bonin.

Even after recent cuts in response to protests, the LAPD’s operating budget will be about $1.7 billion. Melina Abdullah joins 3 city councilmembers to discuss how public safety in LA is changing.


Guest: Mayor Steve Adler.

In April, Austin police shot and killed Michael Ramos, an unarmed 42-year-old man, outside the apartment complex where he lived. Mayor Adler joins to discuss how the city is responding to the crisis of police violence.


Guests: Senator Elizabeth Warren and Carroll Fife.

As eviction moratoriums expire, the fallout will exacerbate a national housing crisis that already disproportionately harms Black & brown people. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Carroll Fife join host Josie Duffy Rice to discuss.


Guest: Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager.

Nearly 2,400 people in custody in California prisons have confirmed cases of COVID-19. Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager provides a quick update on how the state’s correctional system is dealing with the outbreak.


Guests: Jo Ann Hardesty, Jael Kerandi.

The use of school resources offices has skyrocketed across the U.S. over the past several decades. Why? And as protests of police brutality continue, is it time for a change? Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty and Jael Kerandi join to discuss.


Guests: Steve Alm, RJ Brown, Jacquie Esser, Megan Kau, Tae Kim, Dwight Nadamoto.

The Appeal hosts a virtual forum for candidates to be Honolulu’s next prosecutor.


Guests: Robert Peters, Jeanette Taylor.

How are elected officials in Chicago rethinking police power and public safety? State Sen. Robert Peters and Alder Jeanette Taylor join to discuss.


Guests: Kym Worthy.

The Appeal hosts Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy, who is currently running for re-election, to discuss policing, sentencing, COVID-19, and the future of criminal justice in Detroit.


Guests: Kim Foxx, Andre Vasquez, Tanya Watkins.

After weeks of protests of police violence, policymakers in Chicago are taking a hard look at the continued use of cash bail. State’s Attorney Kim Foxx joins our panel to discuss the city’s rapidly-shifting political climate.

State Attorney Forum: Orange/Osceola County

Guests: Deborah Barra, Belvin Perry, Jr., Ryan Williams, Monique Worrell.

The Appeal hosts a forum for candidates for Orange-Osceola State Attorney in Florida, discussing policing, prosecution, and the future of criminal justice in Orlando.

Confronting Racism In America

Guests: Rep. Barbara Lee, Rodney Ellis, Dr. Gail C. Christopher.

What would a meaningful national reckoning with racism in America actually look like? Wednesday on The Briefing, Rep. Barbara Lee joins Dr. Gail Christopher and Rodney Ellis to discuss.

Will Maryland Lawmakers Address Their Police Violence Crisis?

Guests: Julian Ivey, Rev. Kobi Little, Cathryn Paul.

State legislatures across the country are reconvening for special sessions to address the crises of COVID-19, the economic recession, and police violence. So why isn’t Maryland doing the same?

Maricopa County Attorney Candidates Forum

Guests: Julie Gunnigle, Will Knight, Bob McWhirter.

The Appeal hosts a live roundtable for candidates for Maricopa County Attorney. Join us for a discussion of policing, public safety, and the future of criminal justice in Phoenix.

How Prosecutor Associations Block Reform

Guests: Phil Ting, Chesa Boudin, Keith Watley.

How do powerful professional associations of prosecutors and district attorneys affect criminal legal system reform efforts?

Prosecutor Candidate Forum: Pima County

Guests: Laura Conover, Mark Diebolt, Jonathan Mosher.

The Appeal hosts a candidate forum for Pima County attorney to discuss the future of the criminal legal system—and criminal legal system reform—in Tuscon, Arizona.

How California Prisons Failed To Protect People From COVID-19

Guests: California State Rep. Nancy Skinner, Megan Cassidy, Romarilyn Ralston.

Nearly 5,000 people in California prisons have tested positive for COVID-19, and 2,600+ infected prisoners are still in custody. Experts discuss why the system failed—and what can be done to protect people in custody.

Travis County DA And County Attorney Forum

Guests: Margaret Moore, Jose Garza, Delia Garza, Laurie Eiserloh.

Austin lawmakers have responded to protests of police brutality by moving to cut the police budget and eliminate positions within the department. Is it enough? The Appeal hosts a forum for candidates for Travis County DA and county attorney.

The Crisis Unfolding In Mississippi Prisons

Guests: Denise Coleman, Demario Davis, Rukia Lumumba, Terun Moore.

Mississippi state prisons were in crisis of violence, racism, and neglect even before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Today on The Briefing, a panel of experts will discuss how lawmakers can intervene to stop it.

How Congress Can Provide Local COVID-19 Relief

Guests: Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Even when Congress makes COVID-19 emergency funds available to state and local governments, regulations can prevent that money from arriving quickly enough. Rep. Rashida Tlaib joins to discuss what Congress can do to fix it.

Rethinking What Public Safety Means: Boston

Guests: Michelle Wu.

As cities across the country rethink their police budgets and law enforcement policies, Boston city councilmember Michelle Wu joins The Briefing to discuss the future of public safety.

Breaking Down The SCOTUS Abortion Rights Ruling

Leah Litman, Chris Geidner. We break down today’s complex abortion rights ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court—and what it might signal about what the justices will do in the years come.

Emergency First Responder Forum: Harris County

Rodney Ellis, Dr. Letitia Plummer, Tim Black, Devin Branch, Alex Vitale. Cities across the country are looking at creating agencies to respond to 911 calls that don’t require armed police. We discuss what this could look like in Harris County.

Wayne County Michigan Prosecutor Race

Victoria Burton-Harris. We host a forum for candidates for Wayne County prosecutor to discuss the future of public safety and criminal justice in Detroit.

What Would Non-Police First Responders Look Like?

Greg Casar, Sydney Kamlager, Tim Black. What will first responders look like without armed police being dispatched to solve every problem? We discuss how cities and states are finding new ways to keep people safe.

Seeking Shelter: A Conversation On Housing In America

Julian Castro, Conor Dougherty. Tens of millions are facing evictions as the pandemic continues and the few existing evictions moratoria end. We discuss next steps to halt the looming housing crisis.

How Can Congress Stop Police Violence?

Rep. Ro Khanna, Phil Goff. Although the entire country is grappling with a national crisis of police violence, reforms take place mostly at the local level. We discuss what Congress can do to get involved.

How Cities Can Stop Police Violence: San Antonio

Mayor Ron Nirenberg. As budgets tighten and protests of police brutality continue, many cities are reconsidering long-held assumptions about public safety.

After SCOTUS, What’s Next For Dreamers?

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Adolfo Flores, Alida Garcia, Sally Kinoshita. After SCOTUS, What’s Next for Dreamers?

New York State Assembly District 34 Candidate Forum

Joy Chowhurdy, Michael DenDekker, Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, Nuala O’Doherty-Naranjo. 2613402492231493 Democratic candidates for New York’s 34th state assembly district join The Appeal for a debate on ending police brutality and taking on the COVID-19 pandemic in New York.

How Can Congress Hold Cops Accountable?

Rep. Justin Amash, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Amir Ali. What can Congress to do address America’s crisis of police brutality?

New York State Assembly District 34 Candidate Forum

David Buchwald, David Carlucci, Asha Castleberry-Hernandez, Evelyn Farkas, Allison Fine, Mondaire Jones, Catherine Parker, Adam Schleifer. We host a debate for Democratic candidates in the race to represent New York’s 17th congressional district in Washington next year.

How Mass Incarceration Fuels The COVID-19 Pandemic

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Amanda Alexander, Nicholas Buckingham. Prisons and jails are some of the nation’s deadliest hotspots for COVID-19. We discuss how mass incarceration is fueling this pandemic.

New York’s 16th Congressional District Candidate Forum

Jamaal Bowman, Eliot Engel, Chris Fink, Sammy Ravelo. We host a candidate roundtable for the hotly-contested Democratic primary for New York’s 16th congressional district.

How Cities Can Stop Police Violence: Oakland

Libby Schaaf. Cities across the country are making hard choices right now about reforming and defunding their police departments. We discuss what her administration will do to stop police violence.

Civil Rights Protection For LGBTQ Workers

Chris Geidner, Leah Litman. The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a landmark opinion for the civil rights of LGBTQ workers. We  discuss how the justices arrived at their decision—and what it means for the future of LGBTQ rights.

How Cities Can Stop Police Violence: Los Angeles

Mayor Eric Garcetti. Garcetti proposed cutting $150 million from the LAPD budget—less than 5 percent of the department’s total costs. We discuss the future of policing in the city.

How Philly Stopped A Police Budget Hike

Helen Gym, Kendra Brooks. After strong opposition from the city council, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney eliminated proposed increases to the police budget.  We discuss how the city might spend that money instead.

The Future Of Policing In Houston

Letitia Plummer, Jay Jenkins. Cities across America are taking hard looks at the future of traditional policing. We discuss how Houston can respond to the police violence crisis.

How Minneapolis Plans To Disband The Police

Alondra Cano, Lisa Bender, Phillipe Cunningham, Jeremiah Ellison, Londel French. A veto-proof majority of the Minneapolis City Council announced their intent to disband the city’s police department and re-imagine public safety. A panel of councilors joins to talk about what comes next.

How Cities Can Stop Police Violence: Pittsburgh

Mayor Bill Peduto. We discuss what Pittsburgh’s leaders plan to do to address the crisis of police violence.

Police Unions Make Policing More Dangerous

Chesa Boudin, Sukyi McMahon, Aaron Narraph Fernando, Alex Vitale. We discuss how American police unions became such a powerful check on police reform efforts.

How Cities Can Stop Police Violence: Kansas City

Kansas Mayor Quinton Lucas. We discuss what cities must do to stop police violence.

Ending Police Militarization

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Denzel McCampbell. Law enforcement agencies in the U.S. use billions of dollars’ worth of surplus military equipment. We discuss ending the militarization of police.

Police Home Invasions: The Killing Of Breonna Taylor

Radley Balko, Barbara Sexton-Smith, Jessica Green, David James. In March, Louisville police killed Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman, while serving a “no-knock” warrant, which lets police enter homes without warning. Today on The Briefing, our panel discusses why tactics like these are so dangerous

How Cities Can Stop Police Violence: Cleveland

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson. We discuss what cities have to do to stop police violence.

Democracy In Crisis: The Police Killing Of George Floyd – Part 3

Julian Castro, Jeremiah Ellison, Leslie Herod. We discuss what comes next.The killing of George Floyd has clearly demonstrated that police violence is a crisis for democracy.

Democracy In Crisis: The Police Killing Of George Floyd – Part 2

Julian Castro, Jeremiah Ellison, Leslie Herod. We discuss what comes next.The killing of George Floyd has clearly demonstrated that police violence is a crisis for democracy.

Democracy In Crisis: The Police Killing Of George Floyd – Part 1

Julian Castro, Jeremiah Ellison, Leslie Herod. We discuss what comes next.The killing of George Floyd has clearly demonstrated that police violence is a crisis for democracy.

Americans Need Cash Now

Andrew Yang, Felcia Wong, Michael Tubbs, Natalie Foster, Derrick Hamilton, Sen. Kamala Harris. Even during normal times, millions of hardworking Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck in an economy that privileges the very wealthy over everyone else. Today on The Briefing, Sen. Kamala Harris, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs, and a panel of experts will discuss how government can step in to assure that everyone has enough money to afford what they need.

Candidates For New Mexico’s 3rd District Debate

Marco Serna, Teresa Leger Fernandez. Democratic candidates for New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district will join to discuss what they’d do in office to help the district—and the country—through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Candidates For Maryland’s 5th District Debate

Mckayla Wilkes. Today, Democratic candidates for Maryland’s 5th District will join The Appeal to make their cases for representing the district in Washington next year.

Live With Baltimore Mayoral Candidates – Part 2

Brandon Scott, Mary Miller, Thiru Vignarajah. Democratic candidates to be the next mayor of Baltimore join The Appeal to discuss their visions for the city’s future.

Live With Baltimore Mayoral Candidates – Part 1

Brandon Scott, Mary Miller, Thiru Vignarajah. Democratic candidates to be the next mayor of Baltimore join The Appeal to discuss their visions for the city’s future.

How To Safely Re-open America

Rep. Mark Pocan, Ali S. Raja. With U.S. unemployment claims at more than 40 million, experts and officials are trying to figure out what must happen to safely re-open the economy.

Contact Tracing Is Coming. What Is It?

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, Deborah Kafoury, Dr. Gregg Gonsalves, Amy Kapczynski. As parts of the country gradually re-open, experts say effective contact tracing will be essential to limiting the spread of COVID-19. We discuss what contact tracing is, how it will work, and what precautions policymakers can take to avoid misuse of this public health tool.

How Much Should We Spend On Police?

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, Prof. Melina Abdullah, Nithya Raman, Antonio Reynoso. As the pandemic upends city budgets, many officials are re-evaluating assumptions about how to best use taxpayer dollars.

Emergency Paycheck Guarantee

Rep. Pramila Jayapal. The COVID-19 pandemic has wiped out more than 36 million jobs, forcing hardworking families to go without paychecks. We discuss a proposal to have the federal government guarantee paychecks until the crisis is over.

Atlanta Prosecutor Forum

Paul Howard, Fani Willis, Christian Wise-Smith. Hosted by Emily Bazelon. Virtual forum for Fulton County, Georgia district attorney candidates.

Corporate Abuse Of Workers During Pandemic

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Reb. Debbie Dingell, Andrea Acevedo. Major corporations like Amazon are raking in billions during COVID-19, but are doing little to protect their workers. What can Congress can do to hold companies accountable?

Ayanna Pressley Calls For DOJ Investigation In Ahmaud Arbery Case

Wanda Cooper-Jones, Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, S. Lee Merritt. We discuss the fight for justice for Ahmaud, a 25-year-old Black man, who was out for a jog when two white men shot and killed him.

$3 Trillion COVID Stimulus Bill Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Rep. Rashida Tlaib. House Democrats want to pass the HEROES Act, a $3 trillion COVID-19 relief package, as soon as possible. But Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are ready to fight it.

Prosecutor Forum: Oregon DA Candidates 2020

Mike Schmidt. The forum is hosted by Emily Bazelon. Virtual forum for Multnomah County District Attorney candidate.

Chicago’s Jail Is A Coronavirus ‘Death Trap’

Kim Foxx, Jahan Gordon-Booth, Maria Hawilo. People at Chicago’s Cook County jail say social distancing is impossible for them, and call the facility a “death trap.” Already, nearly 1,000 COVID-19 cases have been connected to the facility, making it one of the nation’s largest hotspots.

Crisis In Native Lands

Rep. Deb Haaland, Tishaura Jones, Sarah Johnson, Wildaliz Bermudez. Congress set aside $8 billion in COVID-19 funds for Native communities, but Navajo Nation says it hasn’t received “one cent.”

Bernie Sanders On Greatest Crisis Of Our Lifetime, And The Path Forward

Bernie Sanders. We discuss the public health crisis that is currently unfolding inside America’s jails and prisons.

Protecting Workers During COVID-19

Rep. Ro Khanna, Ai-jen Poo, Brad Lander. Millions of Americans are still going to work during COVID-19. 

California Jail Closure

Chesa Boudin, Sandra Lee Fewer, Prof. Jody Armour. We discuss closing jails in the Bay Area.

Funding The Bailout

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Stephanie Kelton, Rohan Grey, Afton Branche. We discuss how to make sure that stimulus money gets to the people who need it most.

Overseeing the Bailout

Rep. Katie Porter, Damon Silvers, Sarah Miller, Bharat Ramamurti. Congress is spending trillions on economic stimulus during COVID-19. Today we discuss oversight, to ensure money is helping working families, not enriching corporations.

Water Is A Human Right

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Brandon M. Scott, Mary Grant. In Detroit, thousands of families without reliable access to running water are especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

Americans Can’t Afford Rent. What’s Next?

Julian Castro, Hillary Ronen, Carroll Fife. Millions of Americans can’t afford to pay May rent. We discuss what comes next.

Reimagining The Restaurant Industry

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Saru Jayaraman. We discuss how to create a better, more equitable restaurant industry after the COVID-19 crisis ends

A New Vision For First Responders

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Greg Casar, Tim Black, Colorado Rep. Leslie Herod. Texas is scheduled to reopen malls, restaurants and retail shops tomorrow. Is that a good idea?

Decarceration Amid COVID-19

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rachael Rollins, Gavin Yamey. We discuss the importance of reducing jail and prison populations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Strengthening Working-Class Communities

Rep. Ilhan Omar, Tara Raghuveer, & NY Sen. Julia Salazar. Today we discuss how rent strikes can help strengthen working-class communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How COVID-19 Impacts Vulnerable Communities

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Stacey Rutland, Aisha Nyandoro. The Appeal, in partnership with NowThis, is proud to present, “The Briefing” a new daily, live show with discussion of COVID-19 and how it is affecting America’s vulnerable communities—and what policymakers and activists can do about it.