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Prosecutorial misconduct

Reviewing the 2018 Results: What Accountability Was There Through the Polls?

Daniel Nichanian This year, voters ousted many law enforcement officials who faced public protests over their actions if not allegations of outright misconduct. In August, St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch lost in his first contested election since the Ferguson protests of 2014. On Tuesday, voters ousted two other public officials who drew fire for their handling […]

2018 Election Preview: Prosecuting attorney of Platte County, Missouri

Reprimanded by state Supreme Court, prosecutor heads toward re-election Daniel Nichanian Platte County’s longtime prosecuting attorney Eric Zahnd was disciplined this year, just months before he is to face voters in this county north of Kansas City. In 2015, Zahnd oversaw the prosecution of a man who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a child. At […]

2018 Election Preview: County Attorney of Utah County, Utah

Utah County is debating oversight of prosecutors, and the issue features into the county attorney election. Daniel Nichanian Prosecutorial misconduct draws little accountability in Utah. “A Salt Lake Tribune analysis of court documents and public records show[s] Utah’s prosecutors are rarely disciplined, even as complaints of misconduct are brought to light during court proceedings or in the […]