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From Voting Rights to Clean Energy, Georgia Voters Favor Democratic Policy Priorities in Senate Runoff

Executive Summary With control of the United States Senate hanging in the balance, new polling from Data for Progress and The Justice Collaborative Institute shows that a bipartisan majority of Georgia voters are more likely to support Senate candidates who embrace Democratic policy priorities on a broad range of issues, including health care, clean energy, […]


Georgia Voters Overwhelmingly Support Direct Stimulus Payments

Executive Summary A new poll from Data For Progress and The Justice Collaborative Institute shows that 87% of Georgia voters—including 84% of Republicans—support a direct federal stimulus payment to most Americans. For Peach State voters, direct financial payment should not be a matter of debate or compromise, and is instead an essential intervention in this time […]


How Trump Could Steal the Election

Executive Summary This election has put the basic tenets of our democracy at stake. The vote will place unprecedented stresses on our system of electing a president. Whether the system will be able to withstand these pressures is another matter. American history suggests that our system is vulnerable to periodic breakdowns. Ordinarily the risk of […]

From President and Senate to County Attorney and Sheriff, Democrats Lead Up and Down the Ballot in Arizona

Executive Summary Arizona helped deliver the election to Donald Trump in 2016. However, over the past four years, Republicans have seen a 148,000 voter enrollment advantage trimmed to under 100,000, resulting in historic gains for Democrats in the State Legislature and the election of Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema in 2018. In Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest county, the Democratic candidates […]

Voters Support Restoring Voting Rights to People Released From Prison

Executive Summary New polling from The Justice Collaborative Institute and Data for Progress shows bipartisan majority support for restoring voting rights to people who have returned home from prison. The polling also shows that more people support than oppose abolishing felony disenfranchisement entirely. In a national survey of 1,195 likely voters, 62% of respondents support enfranchising […]


Maricopa County Voters Want Top Prosecutor To Hold Police Accountable

Executive Summary New polling from Data For Progress and The Justice Collaborative Institute shows bipartisan support among Maricopa County voters for a County Attorney who will embrace new police accountability measures and support new protections against police violence.  Our research found that:  59% of voters, including 52% of Republicans, are more likely to vote for […]


Final Election Results May Come Later than Voters Expect

Executive Summary A Data For Progress and The Justice Collaborative Institute poll shows that nearly half of likely voters (47%) believe that they will know the winner of the presidential election on election day. These results are alarming because President Donald Trump continues to suggest, and media outlets continue to repeat, that the winner of […]


Republican Voters Will Trust Legislatures That Declare a Trump Win, Despite Competing Results From Media and Election Officials

Executive Summary A new poll from The Justice Collaborative Institute and Data For Progress shows that in the event of a contested election that comes down to a single swing state, such as Pennsylvania, Republican voters would trust the Republican-controlled legislature of that state even if the Democratic Secretary of State and major media outlets […]


Republican Voters Will Trust President Trump If He Declares Himself the Winner

Executive Summary A Data For Progress and The Justice Collaborative Institute poll shows extreme partisan polarization when it comes to who voters trust to call the results of the 2020 presidential election, including the presidential candidates themselves and the mainstream media. Republican voters overwhelmingly trust President Donald Trump to call the results of the presidential […]

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Voters Support Federal Grants for Community Based Emergency and Non-Emergency Crisis Response

Executive Summary Law enforcement officers are often sent to respond to emergency calls related to crisis situations that do not actually require, or are even made worse by, a law enforcement response. Some of these calls relate to mental health or substance use disorder crises, check-ins for health and safety, a lack of housing or […]


Voters Demand Protection and Funding for the USPS

Executive Summary By substantial margins, nearly all segments of voters prefer the USPS be funded as an essential service like the military, rather requiring it to cover its own costs like a business. We asked voters whether they think either (a) that the USPS should be funded as an essential service similar to the fire […]


The Case for Same-Day Voter Registration

Executive Summary Same-day voter registration—where a voter can both register and vote on Election Day—improves democracy in the United States by making it easier for people to vote. Same-day voter registration promotes greater participation: states with this policy tend to have higher turnout than states with onerous registration deadlines. This reform has a notable, positive […]

Voters Support Local Government Providing Public Safety Information — Independent of Police Department PR

Executive Summary Police communications are not reserved for communicating to the public about ongoing emergencies. Instead, the police have their own publicly-funded public relation teams, often used to control public narratives about crime and public safety in ways that promote police power, stoke fear about crime, and conceal police abuse and other misconduct. While these […]


Voters Support Requiring Federal Law Enforcement to Identify Themselves

Executive Summary In Portland, Oregon, federal agents in unmarked cars chased protestors and snatched them off the streets without explanation. One video shows federal agents in camouflage fatigues and generic “police” badges grabbing a protester, binding his hands, and placing him into the back of an unmarked minivan. In Washington, D.C., during protests in front of the […]