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From Voting Rights to Clean Energy, Georgia Voters Favor Democratic Policy Priorities in Senate Runoff

Georgia Voters Overwhelmingly Support Direct Stimulus Payments

How Trump Could Steal the Election

From President and Senate to County Attorney and Sheriff, Democrats Lead Up and Down the Ballot in Arizona

Most Voters Believe President Trump Will Try To Steal The Election

Democratic Voters To Protest if Trump Campaign Tries to Stop The Vote Count After Election Day

Voters Support Restoring Voting Rights to People Released From Prison

Maricopa County Voters Want Top Prosecutor To Hold Police Accountable

Final Election Results May Come Later than Voters Expect

Republican Voters Will Trust Legislatures That Declare a Trump Win, Despite Competing Results From Media and Election Officials

Republican Voters Will Trust President Trump If He Declares Himself the Winner

Voters Support Federal Grants for Community Based Emergency and Non-Emergency Crisis Response

Voters Support Extending the 2020 U.S. Census

Voters Demand Protection and Funding for the USPS

The Case for Same-Day Voter Registration

Voters Support Local Government Providing Public Safety Information — Independent of Police Department PR

Voters Support Requiring Federal Law Enforcement to Identify Themselves