About The Appeal: Political Report

The Appeal: Political Report is an editorial project, created in 2018, that is devoted to the local politics of mass incarceration and criminal justice reform. Prosecutors, sheriffs, lawmakers, judges, and other state and local officials have immense power over the criminal legal system and law enforcement, and political movements in recent years have upended expectations of what local offices and institutions could be doing.

The Political Report highlights often-overlooked but highly consequential local elections, the political organizing around key issues tied to criminal justice and adjacent systems, legislative developments, and decisions implemented by prosecutors and other local officials. With an eye to providing comprehensive resources to follow these ongoing transformations, it reveals the political choices and discretion sustaining mass incarceration, and the alternatives that call those choices into question.

Daniel Nichanian is the founder and editorial director of the Political Report. Anna Simonton is the senior editor at the Political Report.

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